About Anlaby

Our products showcase one of the most luxurious, practical and sustainable fibres in the world. Anlaby Station is home to the oldest Merino Stud in South Australia and was the first ever to sell a bale of wool in London.

Our flock of just 500 sheep, who are all direct descendants from the original merino migration in the 1800’’s, enjoy pure water, clean country air and abundant naturally cultivated pasture under the expansive Australian sky.

The key to providing the highest quality wool is to pay particular attention to the feeding programme and to match nutrition to the life cycle of the sheep and in particular to the cycle of breeding ewes and to the new born lambs.

Just like a human mother, a sheep needs additional nutrition while pregnant and while feeding offspring. At Anlaby, ewes are tested during pregnancy and those bearing twins are separated from the main breeding flock so that they can receive additional nutrition during this important time. The attention to detail does not end with caring for the sheep. The Anlaby range of pure luxury merino products is produced in Australia using only wool from the Anlaby sheep.

Anlaby woolen products are therefore available only in strictly limited quantities. Only the best of the wool goes into production and once this is exhausted, the production for the year is closed. The result is a range of unique luxury items that will pass down the generations. Each stage of manufacture is personally overseen by one of the owners of Anlaby.

Anlaby products exhibit a unique buttery softness. Products that can be worn against the skin. In deference to the natural quality of the wool and to the environment, Anlaby products are not dyed. They showcase the natural colour of this amazing fibre. The baby blankets and bassinette blankets are edged in natural pure silk. The bed throws are finished with either a natural fringe or with an edge of designer fabric, in cotton, silk or linen to complement the contemporary or tradition home.

Anlaby wool offers an exclusive range of throws, scarves and baby blankets. Each limited-edition product embodies a unique piece of Australian history, is beautifully boxed, be-ribboned and with its own certificate of authenticity.

Our History

The flock is naturally continuing to genetically improve, refining the comfort, softness and fineness of the wool, while the sheep graze on the rolling hills and take shelter under the same eucalyptus trees that provided comfort for the original flock.

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